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USA: Michigan Warns Fuel Retailers Against Price-Fixing

USA: Michigan Warns Fuel Retailers Against Price-Fixing

The state government in Michigan has told fuel retailers not to take advantage of consumers by price-fixing.

The directive comes as Michigan customers deal with a significant spike in the price of petrol due to the unexpected shutdown of a BP refinery.

“As Labor Day weekend approaches, the effects of an outage at a major Indiana petroleum refinery combined with additional factors, means Michigan families are seeing an increase in the price at the pump,” said Attorney General Bill Schuette. “These circumstances do not constitute a free pass for gas stations to gouge consumers. We will not tolerate any unscrupulous behaviour that violates Michigan law when it comes to gouging and price-fixing.”

Under Michigan law it is an offence to charge “grossly in excess of the price at which similar property or services are sold.” Entering into cartels is also prohibited.

Consumers who believe such practices to be occurring are encouraged to contact the vendors in question to the office of the attorney general.



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