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USA: VP Racing Fuels Expanding Finance Offering

USA: VP Racing Fuels Expanding Finance Offering

VP Racing Fuels has announced an expanded financing programme to help fuel retailers fund conversion costs and equipment purchases.


The company has partnered with Allied Brand Services LLC (ABS), a specialty finance platform, to provide finance for conversion costs. Dealers that partner with VP in its Retail Branding Program, as well as other VP partners, are able to avail of the scheme.

ABS provides up to 100% financing for Dealer imaging and conversion loans, including the cost of canopy/signage materials, LED signage, permits, construction and installation, the company said. ABS will provide both loan and lease options.

“A primary objective of VP’s Retail Branding Program is to help gas station and c-store Dealers become more competitive and more profitable in great part through a combination of operational savings and new revenue streams,” said Alan Cerwick, president of VP Racing Fuels. “In our model the cost of re-imaging is borne by the Dealers, so in keeping with the spirit of our Program, ABS will ensure the loan application process is efficient and the financing terms are competitive.”

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