Brazil: Petrobras Approves Interest on Capital To Shareholders

The distribution of early remuneration to shareholders as Interest on Capital (IOC), has been approved by its Board of Directors.

Corresponding to a gross amount of R$0.05 per share, the value to be distributed, totals R$652.2 million, proportional to each shareholder’s stake and to be provisioned in the 2Q 2018 financial statements, based on shareholding positions as of May 21, 2018.

The Board of Directors, also approved the adjustments in the Dividend Distribution Policy, which was renamed Shareholder Remuneration Policy to reflect, especially, the statutory changes approved at the Extraordinary General Meeting.

By applying the applicable tax rate, the amount of R$ 0.05 per common share or preferred share related to the JCP will be subject to income tax. PWKD15052018

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