Bolivia: YPFB LPG Supply To Chaco Municipalities Chuquisaca

YPFB has rolled out a plan for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) to be supplied to the Chaco Municipalities in Chuquisaca.

YPFB president Óscar Barriga Arteaga said, "We are planning a fast, and efficient supply to the whole community composed of Huacaya, Huacareta, Monteagudo, Muyupampa and Macharetí, among others, through the increase of volumes of LPG to the service stations and the habilitation of points of sale in different municipalities."

The technical and economic feasibility studies that establish the supply of LPG in these municipalities were presented to the authorities of this region. The state energy company also analyzed the possibility of installing short, medium and long term home LPG connections in the beneficiary communities of the region.

"We will follow up together with the mayors periodically to move forward and reach communities and villages with liquid fuel," said Barriga.

The Internal Liquid Marketing Management will be jointly planned with the intention to solve the requirement of the sale of LPG in towns where there are no LPG network facilities so that delivery trucks reach these populations and coordinate with the municipalities the delivery of the product without intermediaries and at a fair price. PWKD03102017

Last modified onTuesday, 03 October 2017 05:00
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