Terpel Continues Expansion in Latin America

Terpel Continues Expansion in Latin America


Terpel, formerly known as Organización Terpel SA, is a Columbian oil and gas company.


 In recent years Terpel has expanded into  several countries outside of Colombia. This includes  Ecuador, Chile, Domincan Rep., Panama and Mexico.  PetrolWorld visited some Terpel fuel service stations in Panama City recently.

Terpel was founded in 1968 as a solution to the shortage of gasoline in Santander, Colombia. The Terpel Bucaramanga Company was formed then with 20 service stations, with plans to expand to a national scale in future with the creation of 6 further "Terpeles" in different Colombian regions. Terpel began to strengthen its purpose: to be the fuel distributor known for its close client relationships and with a strong regional presence.

In 2001, the principal shareholders of Terpeles, integrated the 7 regional companies and created the Terpel Organization which was consolidated in 2004. The objective of this initiative was centered in obtaining unity of strategic business negotiation, administrative stability, generating synergies for their clients and to promote their brand to properly compete in a market that constantly demands a higher national presence.  PetrolWorld 1015

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