Belgium: Tankterminal First Manned Multi-Fuel LNG Station Launch

Belgium: Tankterminal First Manned Multi-Fuel LNG Station Launch

Tankterminal nv has launched its first manned multi-fuel LNG filling station (LNG + diesel + AdBlue + red gas oil) for trucks.

Equipped with a storage capacity of 73m³, the new LNG station, currently has the largest LNG buffer in the Benelux region for a total of four LNG dispensers.

Switching to LNG significantly reduces emissions of particulate matter, SOx, NOx and CO2, making it an attractive, ecological and economical alternative for diesel in heavy transport applications and long distance transport. Compared to diesel, a CO2 reduction of 10 to 20% can be achieved, with the CO2 reduction even exceeding 90% when bio-LNG is used.

Which is the reason why Tankterminal decided to invest in LNG for trucks at its fuel service station in Lokeren, and the ‘multi-card’ LNG station is intended for four LNG dispensers and it also has the alternative to offer LCNG (Compressed Natural Gas from LNG) in the future.

The technical management and maintenance of the LNG station will remain under the responsibility of LIQAL. PWKD22022018

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