India: IndianOil “EPIC” To Enhance Customer Experience Launch

India: IndianOil “EPIC” To Enhance Customer Experience Launch

The new project is anticipated to create a 360-degree view of the energy company’s customers

An ambitious digital platform, titled ‘EPIC' (E-Platform for IndianOil Customers), has been launched by Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IndianOil) to dramatically enhance the quality of customers' experience.

Superior customer experience through better backend integration between IndianOil and its countrywide reseller network will be facilitated by this project, which is one of the biggest IT projects globally in terms of its scale and size. This project will give IndianOil the first-mover advantage, leveraging cutting-edge technology currently available worldwide in this area. A 360-degree view of IndianOil's customers is envisioned to be created, integrating &customizing marketing efforts across product lines, swifter response to customer service requests, including grievances, and presenting a unified customer experience across various access devices such as mobile phones, tablets and desktops.

Mr. B Ashok, Chairman, IndianOil said that the impact of Project ‘EPIC'would deepen IndianOil's engagement with millions of its customers and ensure that the Company continues to be India's preferred fuel retailer. PWKD16052017

Last modified onTuesday, 16 May 2017 20:57
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