DCC Energy’s Earnings Increases By 21%

DCC Energy’s Earnings Increases By 21%

Prospect of growth in IT sector is perceived in the aftermath of the recent worldwide cyber hit

Following the recent unprecedented global cyber attack, DCC, the fuel distribution-to-health services group, sees an opportunity to grow its fledgling information technology security business.

Benefitting from European fuel service station and fuel firm deals in addition to sterling weakness following the Brexit referendum, the Dublin-based conglomerate’s largest division, DCC Energy, reported that its operating profit surged by 21 per cent last year to £345 million (€405.2 million).

Niall Ennis, head of DCC Technology said, “While it’s a very unfortunate attack, it should drive opportunity for our security division. It’s somewhere where we have a strong service proposition. There are police forces in the UK where we usually run 24/7 managed security portfolios for them where we monitor these risks and that’s the type of area of the business we’d like to develop.”

There was a 15 percent increase in DCC’s IT security business last year. Less than 12 per cent of group earnings, the overall technology division’s operating profit rose 17 per cent last year to €41.1 million. Source: Irish Times PWKD18052017

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