Spain: Cepsa Launches XSTAR Moto

Spain: Cepsa Launches XSTAR Moto

New series of lubricants is created exclusively for motorcycles and mopeds engines

The new range of lubricants from XTAR Moto is specifically designed to meet the highest challenges of next-generation motorcycles and mopeds engines.  The new specific lubricants for motorcycles and motorcycles: XTAR Moto and Cepsa Moto has been presented by Cepsa. Derived from the technological evolution developed by motorcycle manufacturers, the new range of fuel for motorcycles and mopeds covers the highest technical requirements of the new engines, both 4T and 2T. As motorcycle engines need to meet very specific technical performance characteristics since they are exposed to more power and revs than other types of engines, the line created consists of a range of synthetic and mineral lubricants aimed at lubricating these kind of engines. Intended for users seeking to cover the highest levels of detergency, the new lubricants are equipped with the latest technology in additives. PWKD08052017

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