Finland: Neste Distributes Neste Pro Diesel To Estonia

Finland: Neste Distributes Neste Pro Diesel To Estonia

Use of the premium quality fuel leads to cleaner environment and better engine performance

Premium-quality Neste Pro Diesel has started to be distributed in Neste’s Estonian station network. Distribution will start with four fuel service stations which will be expanded to cover 20 Neste stations across Estonia. 

At least 15 percent of Neste MY renewable diesel is present in Neste Pro Diesel. Greenhouse fuel emissions can be reduced by up to 20 percent as well as nitrogen oxide, particle and hydrocarbon emissions can also be reduced by using Neste Pro Diesel. Particularly in winter, the product's excellent cold properties increase reliability. 

Katri Taskinen, Vice President of Neste's Marketing & Services business area responsible for Baltics said, "We are very pleased to start the distribution of premium-quality Neste Pro Diesel also in our Southern neighboring country Estonia. From now on Neste Pro Diesel will be available in all Baltic states. Our Estonian customers have been very pleased with our high-quality products. Neste Pro Diesel is an excellent supplement to the range, because its superb quality and benefits to customers have been verified in many tests. Its use can reduce the fuel consumption by up to 5% while also improving the performance of the engine." PWKD21042017



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