Poland: PKN Orlen Sells Its Transport Subsidiaries.

Poland: PKN Orlen Sells Its Transport Subsidiaries.

PKN Orlen is selling its railway and transportation subsidiaries, Orlen KolTrans and Orlen Transport.

 The sales are valued PLN 335 million. PKP Cargo will acquire stakes at Orlen KolTran for over PLN 250 million. Trans Polonia will purchase Orlen Transport along with the company’s trucker fleet for some PLN 85 million. Long-term supply contracts for logistic service of the group will be signed with the new owners of the subsidiaries.  PKP Cargo estimated that the supply contracts will add PLN 10 million per annum. It intends to merge the two companies bringing furhter savings.  The sales of both companies wil have to be approved by the anti-monopoly watchdog UOKiK. PW 1115

Last modified onMonday, 23 November 2015 13:38
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