USA: New Stand Plans To Open 20 Locations During The Year

USA: New Stand Plans To Open 20 Locations During The Year

The C-store stands out in that New Stand connects to an app

By re- inventing the corner store for a new generation of commuters, convenience store chain startup New Stand is preparing for a New York City expansion. 20 locations are planned to be opened by the c-store chain aboard citywide ferries that will connect Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx.

New Stand connects to an app that offers daily deals, music and content, unlike other c-stores. Ferry riders are allowed by the app to validate their monthly passes at New Stand stores for redeemable points. Millennials are targeted by New Stand by offering a product mix that includes better-for-you snacks, natural beauty products and items such as headphones and mini camera refills. The company leader sees an opportunity for New Stand, although New York has plenty of corner stores already.

Andrew Deitchman said, “New Stand's team of co-founders have backgrounds in art, fashion and design, and they are always thinking of new ways to interact with people in the stores through curation and design. The chain's purpose is providing "day-improvement" to the commuter customers it serves.” Source: CSN PWKD17052017

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