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Malaysia: Petron Targets Fleet Card Boost

Malaysia: Petron Targets Fleet Card Boost

Petron Malaysia is aiming to increase take-up of its fleet card offering by between 15% and 20% within the next year, the company has announced.


Speaking at the launch of Petron's new fleet card using the latest microchip technology, Head of Retail Business Faridah Ali revealed that the company currently has 5,000 fleet accounts. "With the new Petron Fleet card, corporate customers have better control over their fleet expenditure while eliminating the hassle of cash transactions," she noted.

"We hope to achieve our target as it allows our corporate customers to monitor and control their fuel expenses," explained Ali. "The new chip card technology secures every transaction for customers' comfort and safeguards against tampering." The new card requires identification of vehicle and driver before any transaction is allowed, is available to all fleet owners with a minimum of three vehicles, and comes with 31-day credit terms.

The new Petron Fleet card replaces existing magnetic-stripe 'Esso Mobil' fleet card and can be used at more than 560 Petron, Esso and Mobil stations nationwide except Sarawak, the company said..

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