Uganda: Vivo Energy Marks Five Years Of Growth & Success

Uganda: Vivo Energy Marks Five Years Of Growth & Success

Since its establishment in the country in February 2013, Vivo Energy, with a vision to become Africa’s most respected energy business, is celebrating five years of growth and success.

The company has held the highest market share especially in the retail segment, when Vivo Energy Uganda regained market leadership position, since January 2014. Over the past five years, Vivo customers have increasingly chosen Shell fuels and lubricants with fuels volume growth of 50% and lubricants growth of 130%.

With the aim to bring our high quality Shell products and services closer to our customers, the retail network has grown with 34 new Shell fuel service stations. 10 new restaurants and cafes have been added in the restaurants since customers are looking for more than just a fill up when they come to the service stations.

Airtel Money and other mobile financial services have been introduced at Shell fuel service stations and opened a Yana Tyre centre. Shell service stations have been revamped and refreshed to make them a destination for customers. Shell FuelSave unleaded and diesel was launched in 2013 to give customers extra miles for every liter so they can do more of the things they love.

The Shell V-Power Club has been launched bringing together a community of customers who prefer using high performance fuels for their vehicles, with numerous promotions to reward loyal customers.

In order to meet various customers’ unique cooking needs and bring good times to cooking, the 6 kg Shell Gas Kaportable and Shell Gas Lite was introduced– a composite cylinder, which is a convenient cooking solution with visible gas levels to allow the customers track usage at all times.

Vivo’s quality lab and mobile fuel testing lab was upgraded and launched to reassure customers of the quality of Shell fuels at every Shell service station. In addition to the efforts on UNBS, Vivo is proud to be the only fuel company that conducts self-regulation. PWKD19032018

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