Nigeria: Bovas Petroleum & Osun Partnership To Tackle Fuel Scarcity

Nigeria: Bovas Petroleum & Osun Partnership To Tackle Fuel Scarcity

In order to tackle fuel scarcity that is being experienced across the state, the Osun State government has expressed its readiness to partner with Bovas Petroleum Nigeria Limited, an independent fuel marketing company, by increasing the daily volume of fuel products supplied and distributed across the state.

Governor Rauf Aregbesola said, “As a government, we want to do everything possible to end the protracted fuel scarcity in our state and are ready to work with Bovas Petroleum to achieve this. Bovas Petroleum has a direct link with NNPC, and I am particularly thrilled that the company sells its products even below the official pump price, which is highly commendable.”

Osun requires about 55 trucks of 33,000 liters of fuel every day to meet its requirements, but unfortunately gets less than 10 trucks. The government is planning to set a machinery in motion that will facilitate the realization of objectives to guarantee a steady supply of fuel to the people.

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of Bovas Petroleum said, “I am really touched to find out that the governor cares for the people of the state by striving very hard to ensure that Osun gets enough supply of fuel products to ease the sufferings of motorists and commuters. We are ready to partner with the state to increase the supply capacity as we are promising to do our best to improve the supply of fuel to Osun to alleviate the suffering.” Source: The Nation PWKD16032018

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