Ghana: Vivo Energy & Environment 360 Recycling Program Partnership

Ghana: Vivo Energy & Environment 360 Recycling Program Partnership

This is to train communities and help them adopt activities that will maintain the environment


Vivo Energy Ghana, as part of its community investment focus on the environment, has partnered with Environment 360, a Non-Governmental Organization to launch a comprehensive recycling program, named CyClean, aimed at inculcating good environmental behaviors and a recycling mind-set in school children.

Managing Director of Vivo Energy Ghana, Mr. Ebenezer Faulkner said, “At Vivo Energy Ghana, we believe that instilling the habit of recycling in children, particularly those in school, will have a generational effect. In another demonstration of our commitment towards the environment, staff of Vivo Energy Ghana recently collaborated with the Atukpai community, the National Commission for Civic Education and the Accra Metropolitan Assembly to embark on a massive clean-up exercise to commemorate World Environment Day.”

“This is a community development project, which is targeted at reducing waste and encouraging waste segregation,” said Cordie Aziz, Executive Director of Environment 360.   “Vivo Energy Ghana has shown commitment and the schools involved are really poised to make a change in their respective communities.” PWKD17082017

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