Oman: Oman Oil Launches Portable Fuel Service Stations

Oman: Oman Oil Launches Portable Fuel Service Stations

The company has perceived demand for a mobile fuel service station that could be accessed in the isolated locations of Oman


Portable fuel service stations has been introduced for the first time, earlier this year in the country, by Oman Oil to aid customers’ needs, especially those in remote areas.

“So far, we have introduced a few in the port of Duqm. There are more to come,” said David Kalife, CEO of Oman Oil Marketing Co. “It is something which is new and very innovative. It is the first time you will find it in Oman. It is designed in a certain way; you have all benefits of being with Oman Oil in a remote place.”

The company has made sure that the fuel service stations are safe and not prone to environment or life hazards. Portable fuel service stations are designed in such a way that they prevent fuel-leaks and fire.

With the aim to save customers’ waiting time due to long queues, longer hoses had been introduced by Oman Oil at its fuel service stations earlier this year. A license to open fuel service stations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has also been received by Oman Oil, with the first Oman Oil service station in KSA scheduled to be opened as early as next year. Source: Times Of Oman PWKD11082017

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