Saudi Arabia: Government To Curtail Fuel Service Stations Deceptive Practices

Saudi Arabia: Government To Curtail Fuel Service Stations Deceptive Practices

Measures include the launch of an electronic system for inspecting and calibrating fuel service stations

In Jeddah, Riyadh and other cities of Saudi Arabia, fuel adulteration, especially selling 91 grade fuel as 95 to motorists, has become a flourishing business.

Fuel stations involved in defrauding customers by selling fuel 91 as 95 octane are being cracked down by authorities. 91 octane is altered by adding a small lose pack that contains a red color chemical to turn its color and pass on as fuel 95.  0.75 halala per liter is the price for Octane 91 while 95 octane is priced at 0.90 halala per liter. 50 percent increase in fuel price is expected later this year and this difference can be felt by motorists.

Ample scope for adulteration is provided by lack of awareness among motorists regarding the difference between 91 and 95, commonly known as green and red fuel.  Random checks at fuel service stations are being conducted by field inspection teams from the Ministry of Commerce and Investment in cooperation with security forces for the quality of 95 grade fuel and several fuel stations across the Kingdom, mostly located in Jeddah have been shut down.

The government has initiated an electronic system, part of realization of Kingdom’s Vision 2030, to prevent adulteration and under-measurement fraudulent practices, with an aim to thwart any deceptive practice by fuel station operators. At a later stage, it also plans to involve general public to lodge their complaints regarding quality and quantity of fuel. The new system would be implemented gradually in two phases. High quality service to consumers by adopting modern and best methods has been ensured by the government. Source: Saudi Gazette PWKD11052017

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