Morocco: Vivo Energy Announces ‘Shell Club Fidelite’ Program

Morocco: Vivo Energy Announces ‘Shell Club Fidelite’ Program

Customized relationship and exclusive benefits right through the year are offered to its customer base

The company that distributes and markets Shell brand fuels and lubricants in Morocco and Butagaz Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Vivo Energy Maroc, has declared the launch of its Shell Club Fidélité program. Innovative and accessible to all Shell customers for free, the program allows its members to accumulate loyalty points as they make their purchases at participating Shell resorts. 

Asaf V. Sasaoglu, Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Energy Maroc said, "Shell Club Fidélité is designed to reward our customers for their loyalty and trust in our products and services. We want to offer them a more personalized relationship and unique benefits throughout the year. Customer is at the heart of all our business and satisfaction comes through a process of continuous innovation to give it more value and to show our appreciation."

Easy to subscribe to both at the service station, on the program's website, on Facebook or via a call center, the originality of the program lies in its multi-channel approach. Each purchase at a fuel station, fuels or products sold in Shop Select, entitles to points. On the basis of a rich and diversified catalog, the points obtained can be converted into gifts.

In order to encourage online registration or sponsorship, many bonuses are offered. Members can, multiply their points by increasing the frequency of their visits to fuel service stations.

Salwa Benslimane, Marketing Director of Vivo Energy Morocco said, "We have designed Shell Club Fidélité according to the actual expectations of our customers. It has been designed to go beyond a classic program, thanks to a rich mechanism that will put its members at the forefront."

Vivo Energy Morocco's differentiation strategy focuses on customer experience and continuous improvement, with ambitions to become the most respected company on the African level, while at the same time maintain the highest international standards of quality. PWKD09052017

Last modified onMonday, 08 May 2017 23:27
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