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UAE: Al Samha Adnoc Station Reopens

UAE: Al Samha Adnoc Station Reopens

Adnoc Distribution has announced the reopening of its Al Samha fuel service station service station following general maintenance works. 


The station is located on the key Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway, and was refurbished as part of Adnoc Distribution's ongoing efforts modernise its retail network and upgrade equipment. "Adnoc Distribution is keen to develop the infrastructure of our existing serivce station network to meet dynamic customer demands. Customers can look forward to an upgraded quality of service at our facilities in line with highest international standards. The reopening of Al Samha service station following regular maintenance works has increased our capacity and readiness to provide fuel, as well as allied services and products at the high-footfall station," said Khalid Hadi, Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications at Adnoc Distribution.

The site now provides fuelling services around the clock, along with oil changing services and related products such as lubricants and LPG cylinders. The company has installed an Adnoc Oasis store and fast food outlets for the benefit of motorists. 

"In addition to enhancing the overall customer experience, routine maintenance upgrades reinforce Adnoc Distribution’s commitment to prioritizing the health, safety and security of our facilities for ensuring the overall well-being of the community and environment at large," remarked Hadi.


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