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UAE: Adnoc to Introduce Wireless Credit Card Machines

Adnoc have announced that from September customers will be able to pay for their purchases via wireless credit card machines.

The technology will be available at a select number of the company’s fuel service stations.

Adnoc have introduced the measure in response to customer concerns regarding safety. Currently, motorists who wish to use their credit cards to pay in their car have to tell petrol station attendants their PIN number or get out of the car and enter the code themselves. Not only is this inconvenient, but many customers felt uneasy about disclosing their PIN number lest it be misused. In addition the technology causes difficulties for some women who do not wish to give out their PIN number, but are very traditional and do not wish to leave their car to pay in the station.

Adnoc are not the only company in the region looking at modernising payment protocols.  While Enoc have no plans to introduce wireless credit card machines, they have come up with another solution for their customers.

“We have finalised a solution that will allow for fuel transactions up to the value of Dh300 to be paid by credit card without the need for PIN entry or customer signature on the slip,” said a spokesperson for Enoc. Customers can fill fuel and the dispenser will automatically send the amount to the credit card terminal, where the fuel attendant will swipe the customer card and the payment is authorised and processed with receipt generated for customers’ record.”




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