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How EU Fuel Dispenser Regulations Implemented Across the Single Market

Mr Paul Turner, Head of Legal Metrology at the National Standards Authority of Ireland and member of the European Union, highlighted the importance of implementing EU Fuel Dispenser Directive across the European Union and how conformity is achieved.  PetrolWorld will be publishing many of the key papers across on the main website and in the PetorlWorld Magazine over teh coming period.  PW260617

Morocco Deregulation Presentation at PetrolWorld Conference in KL

Mr Khalid Benabelkader, CIO, AKWA Group spoke at the PetrolWorld Fuel Retail Conference in Kuala Lumpur. Mr Benabelkader, spoke about the pitfalls and lessons to be learned from the fuel price deregualtion process brought into Morocco in December 2015.  The PetrolWorld webiste and publication will be publishing many of the key presentations from this significant event in Kuala Lumpur facilitated by PetrolWorld.

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